157cm, sexy body. long hair, good English, first class service 身材漂亮.长发,英语好,一流服务



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  1. Funland
    Funland says:

    My experience/comments : Rocked up with no booking as I happened to be driving through Artarmon and thought I should enjoy some pussy for lunch. Hanna is available and looks ok so I go with her. Preliminaries out of the way and onto the bed. She starts with an excellent bbbj, licking balls, shaft, deep throating, great technique. Then asks me do I want special? whats that I say and she says anything you want, CIM, GS, anything. How much, I enquire and she says whatever you think it’s worth. Strange answer and I said what if I think it’s not worth more, then she says well free then! So I say OK and she then says I like you arse. Why not is my reply and she pushes my legs up as I was already on my back and she starts licking my arse. It’s nice so I raise a bit more up and she starts plunging her tongue up my arse with plenty of enthusiasm. She then goes back to sucking my cock after licking all over my arse to cock, and at the same time she gives me a little prostate massage. I’m not overly keen on that and she picks up on it and goes back to just using her tongue.

    I’m enjoying her oral delivery and ask if she would like me to return the favour. She then moves up and mounts my face and is riding my face which I love. Nothing better than a little asian girl with a sweet pussy sitting on your face and just humping away. Fatastic time.

    We then move to her riding me cow girl and she slides onto my cock with ease, grinding herself to the point of lifting her feet off the bed and being impaled do so that I’d carrying her small frame and just enjoying her rocking on my cock. We switch up to doggy which she also seems to enjoy as whe is watching us in one of the many mirrors and she is smiling at herself as I catch her a few times and ask if she is enjoying and she just says in a dreamy way, oh yes. Some pussy farts as I pull all the way out and slide back in and I enjoy those pussy farts. She then says you like golden shower? I think, well not sure, but OK lets give anything a go and so I find myself being in the shower with her pissing on my chest. Not bad but nothing that exciting, she washes me down and then we go back to the bed and she says not long left so I need to get you off.

    We resume in a 69 and her technique is flawless, it’s not long till I blow a load into her mouth and I can tell it’s an ample load. She finishes draining my balls into her mouth and slowly gets off me. I ask her to show me the load and she opens her mouth and it looks great with her mouth full of cum, would have been good if she swallowed, but not this time. she spits in the sink and tells me that was a millions of sperms! We have a laugh and shower and its all over.

    I gave her some extra for the special and she said next time extra is free. You really can’t go too wrong at this place.


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