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  1. Fred69
    Fred69 says:

    Mia at 78a – an excellent GFE session

    Person’s Name : Mia

    Establishment : 78a Artarmon

    Month/Year of Visit : January 2022

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Artarmon Brothel & Adult Sex Service | Artarmon 78A Brothel

    Phone : 9904 7336

    Hours of Business : 10 til late

    Rates : $150/hr

    Extras Cost : None

    Services Provided This Session : LFKing, BBBJ, 69, DATY, FIV, cowgirl

    Age : Mid to late 30s? (but looks great)

    Size/shape : Pretty face, lovely petite figure, C-cups, fully shaved

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Value for money/recommend? : Absolutely

    My experience/comments : I seldom see girls more than once (I’m too afraid of falling in love) but today I fancied the certainty of a good GFE session instead of a random punt, so I called Lulu and booked Mia.

    I’ve seen Mia a couple of times before at other shops and I had a chat with her here a month ago before my session with Monica.

    Lulu showed me into the room and I showered and was soon joined by Mia who was wearing a short red dress (which she immediately removed).

    Mia has a pretty face and a lovely petite, but still shapely figure with C-cups and she was fully and freshly shaved. She has a couple of floral tattoos one of which was new since I last saw her. She also has a lovely, reserved demeanour.

    We had a friendly greeting with some light kissing and I sat on the edge of the bed. Mia had kept her high heels on and she stood in front of me licking my nipples – the view of her cute little derrière via the mirror behind her was delightful – and she soon squatted down and started sucking me.

    I then lay down and Mia continued her excellent BBBJ – no teeth, lovely soft and sensual lips, reasonably deep and no interruptions.

    Mia was kneeling beside me so I fingered her pussy and she lightly moaned.

    I asked for some 69 and she moved round. This was very good and she continued her gentle moaning but my phone rang and Mia dismounted (although I ignored the call).

    After some more BJ Mia reached for a condom but it was too early and I got her to lie down for some DATY.

    She has a lovely little pussy and I gently finger-fucked her while licking away.

    A couple of times I felt her tense up and her moans increased as she was getting close. It took quite a while but I persevered and eventually she was squirming and twitching and moaning quite loudly as she came.

    Mia wouldn’t let me touch her while she recovered and she said that she doesn’t usually cum “with the tongue”.

    Some more BJ, this time with lube and excellent hand-action, and I was too close to cumming so I said “We fuck”.

    As Mia dressed me I asked whether I could later cum in her mouth but she said “Sorry, I don’t do that”. (I expected her to say that as she’d said the same during our previous sessions but there’s no harm in asking!!!)

    Mia straddled me for some excellent Asian-style cowgirl. Before long she panted “You cum in my pussy” and I immediately obeyed.

    After the tidy-up Mia said she needed a rest and she lay in my arms for a lovely chat.

    I was amazed by how much she remembered about our previous sessions and what we had talked about – her English is very good and she seems to be a very smart girl.

    All too soon time was up and we showered and dressed.

    To my mind Mia is just about perfect for a GFE session (even though she won’t let me cum in her mouth!!!).

    I went and had a chat with Lulu before leaving. She told me about a new girl who works on Mondays. She said her name was Helen and I pointed out that they had written it as “Heiden” on the website and the rosters (just like they had previously misspelt Bella as Barra).


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