162 cm,50kg ,C cup Work hard, service is very good 能吃辛苦,服务很好



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  1. goggles
    goggles says:

    Value for money/recommend? : yes

    My experience/comments : (Please put some effort into this part for all of our readers, a minimum requirement of 25 words or more to get a picture of time spent and experience had.)

    I’ve come to the realisation that I am just bad with money and nothing is going to stop me punting.

    Was feeling bored and depressed today so I went down to artamon to see Lilly. I had wanted to see her for quite some time. Although not a PYT, I found her very attractive. She has a beautiful face and eyes, very soft skin. The mature women often provide better service and Lilly did not disappoint. Lots of intense DFK, rough blowjob (I’m not very big) and hairpulling. Intense passionate sex is what I’m all about and Lilly delivered. I did not get to cum in her mouth however, anything is on the cards and perhaps in a second visit she will be more willing.

    She is also very friendly, flirty, giggly and quite chatty. She got very wet during our session and I look forward to seeing her again. It always feels good when I can have my way with a woman and she is receptive to me, a bit of a shame that the younger usually don’t share this quality. YMMV

  2. x2386
    x2386 says:

    Value for money/recommend? : yes

    My experience/comments :

    Took a punt, mamasan wanted me to see Fiona, but had seen her twice in the last couple of months so wanted a change.

    She said Lily was available and to have a shower, I think she must have been finishing up as it was at least 15 mins later she came in.

    But no worries, she looked nice and friendly, her first words were – suck no condom?

    So, off to a good start.

    Bit of cuddling and lfk to get to know each other.

    Got me to lie on the bed and worked her way down and asked if I wanted her to lick my balls, so, only one answer to that.

    She was very good at it and ventured further but not quite rimming which is ok by me.

    Did this for a while and back up for bbbj which was also very good quite deep.

    Anyway, went on for about 20 minutes and she asked if I wanted to fuck, so, into missionary and off I went, nice to see she was touching herself up as we went.

    But my little fella doesn’t like the plastic so began to fade, so, asked her to resume lick and suck until I indicated I was about to come, she continued and took the lot and didn’t spit out for quite a while.

    Very pleasant way to spend 30 minutes on a Sunday afternoon.

  3. jigibiri
    jigibiri says:

    1st time back to this venue after the lockdown. Waked in without booking. Place was so busy. No girl now. So I waited in the waiting area for around 10min then called into one room by mamasan Lulu. Sort out the finance and was told to take shower. I didn’t bother to ask who is available and instead left all to my luck.

    As I got out of shower, in comes Lily with my change. At first she looked ok. All friendly vibe. Small intro was exchanged then she guided me to the bed.

    On my back, brief cat bath was started then soon down to bbbj, which was all good. Nice movement. No tissue break. Lots of tongue action on the shaft, head and balls. (Only on one ball though.. not sure why) Let this go on for some time as it felt good. Then told her to bring her ass over for some 69 but she misunderstood me and lied on her back for daty with her leg open, which I was gonna do anyway.
    Played with her tits first then down to her thighs until I got my head between her legs.
    I spent good minutes eating her pussy that had small & thin bush only in the top area. In fact she has very nice(to my liking) clean small pussy with neat lips and well defined clit that gets revealed as you lick. She seemed enjoying this then suggested to put some lube on for more finger action as I was only fingerling lightly. With lube applied I played with her pussy more. This was fun. Finger fucked her hard and brought her to good moan and shudder.

    Now time to fuck but my cock was not ready yet so I kneeled and she did bbbj again.
    Soon hard again so dom on then in we go. Mish all the way. Slow and fast alternating then cum in the dom.
    Didn’t ask for CIM. There was no kissing during the session maybe because I didn’t initiate.

    Some time left on the clock, she gave me good massage around groin area as requested while chatting with me about life.

    Overall, good punt with pleasant lady who provides good service.

  4. Newboy
    Newboy says:

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes – an enjoyable session

    My experience/comments : When I call Lulu to make a booking I never feel confident – she doesn’t give the impression that she understands you or that the booking is really locked in – but to date I’ve never been let down.

    Today it was Lily and she was ready when I turned up.

    Lily is quite attractive and is slimish, wearing a short pink dress – well-maintained and well-presented for her age.

    I showered and I was drying myself when Lulu came in saying that we could move to a quieter room if we wanted but I said I was happy with this room. (I reckon Lulu just wanted to see me naked – haha!!)

    Lily stripped – B-cups and a trimmed bush.

    I sat on the edge of the bed and we had some tongue-wrestling before Lily licked my nipples and then knelt in front of me for some BJ.

    I lay on the bed and Lily knelt between my legs to continue her very good BBBJ – no teeth, plenty of saliva, minimal tissue-breaks and some lovely tongue-flicking.

    After a good while I asked her to move round for some 69 and she was soon moaning and squirming while I also finger-fucked her. But she didn’t come.

    Lily dismounted and blew me some more before I got her to lie down for some DATY.

    There was more moaning and squirming and finger-fucking and this time she might have come. I also watched from close-up as she masturbated and she sucked on my finger after I’d removed it from her pussy.

    I lay down again for some more BJ and soon I said “We fuck”. As she dressed me Lily said I could later cum in her mouth.

    Lily seemed uncertain about some cowgirl but lube was applied and she started slowly and gently but soon got into it and rode me well.

    I asked for some doggie and stood by the bed while Lily stood in front of me, bending over.

    This was very good as she was just the right height and making all the right noises as went faster and faster. And I briefly had a thumb up her arsehole before she asked me to remove it.

    I could have finished like that but I wanted the CIM ending so I withdrew and laydown and Lily went for it. It wasn’t long before I squirted in her mouth.

    Lily kept on sucking me until I had to get her to stop and she then tidied me up before going to the sink for a spit.

    Lily took a shower and sat beside me for a chat. She is from Guangdong Province and has been here a couple of years – her English is OK.

    She works at 78a on Fridays and Saturdays and I discovered that I’d seen her last year at 47b Mortdale where she plies her trade as Lisa, working on Sundays and, I think, another day. She also works in a massage parlour a couple of days a week.

    We were over time and I showered and dressed and went and had a chat with Lulu. She told me about new girl who is starting next week and I said hello to the lovely Jan, whom I saw a year ago at Bonza in a fantastic double with the amazing Cassey (everyone’s favourite).

    PS – last week I wrote in my AR of Monica that they had got rid of Sasa as her service wasn’t up to standard. I must have misunderstood as Sasa is still there – I think it was Tina that was given the boot.

  5. 23790554
    23790554 says:

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes

    My experience/comments :

    Feeling the urge, haven’t had any good girls at 533 lately plus also tired of Angie’s games so have been checking out 78a on a regular basis. Didn’t phone ahead this time and just walked in to try my luck.

    Only girl available was Lilly, first impression is good, won’t get supermodels or early 20s girl at this place, so was spot on with my level of expectations. Best to go into these $150 shop with a low expectation then its always alright.

    On the bed, starts with BBBJ, feels very rushed as she’s making this kissing sounds deliberately and moving all over the place, so told her to slow down and let me enjoy the moment, she happily obliged then settles down to a good slow rhythm. I feel its always important to let the girl know straight up if you don’t like something, gives them a chance to adapt to your liking.

    From reading other reviews, it seems she would only suck for a short while, knowing this info prior, I kept on telling her how good it feels, which way hits the spot, etc, this constant encouragement kept her going and she never stopped.

    Got her to lie down next to me where I could DFK and play with her tits and pussy, then licking her nipple and rubbing her clit at the same time, she likes this, slowly inserted a finger into her pussy, she responds more with the clit rather than fingering. So I changed back to rubbing her clit until she’s quite wet.

    Onto the sex portion, her pussy is quite nice, plenty of feel. She doesn’t seem to know many positions as I had to guide her through a few different poses.

    Very responsive when it hits her spot and I kept going and asked for a HJ finish.

    Into the shower to clean up, usually this is when most girls will give you a massage with the remaining time. Even though I still had 15 minutes left she was already tidying up the room and getting dressed while I was in the shower.

    Overall, a good punt. She definitely needs a strong direction from the punter.

    Comparing to other reviews, it seems other punters didn’t get the good experience that I got, Your Mileage May Vary.


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