23yo, 160cm, 34B, Mongolia Exotic babe 充满异域风情的蒙古宝贝



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  1. NickRose
    NickRose says:

    My experience/comments : Dropped into 78a for a Saturday punt after calling Helen to see who was available. Unfortunately Rainbow is busy today so remains on my “to do” list for now. I’m persuaded by a good recommendation to see Fiona who’s new to this shop.
    Fiona arrives while I’m finishing in the shower and she looks good. Very curvy 40 something milf, cute face, trimmed but hairy pussy and sweet natural C cup breasts.
    Not much English but I get the message to lie on the bed and allow Fiona to spoil me with light caresses and a catbath. Some lfk together as I start exploring her body.
    Her breasts are quite nice to fondle and lick and I’m met with some appreciative noises as her dark milfy nipples harden on my tongue.

    From a side on position, Fiona works her way down to my cock and balls and commences a fine varied bbbj. Nothing below the balls on offer today but full and skilful attention with lots of tongue flicking along my shaft combine with sweet sucking and tongue swirls, deep and shallow. Our session is interrupted by periodic tissue breaks and my communication is not good enough to encourage her to just let go and drool which is a pity.
    I prop myself up on the bedhead to improve my view of proceedings and Fiona positions herself between my legs to recommence her bbbj from front on. This is a terrific position as I can enjoy her swirling tongue under my cock head and her expert attention starts getting me very close. A cim finish at this point would be just great but I slow her down because we’re only 30 mins into our session. I confirm a cim finish as a possibility later on as she applies a condom and we prepare to fuck.

    Fiona slowly slides down my cock in cg and begins to grind gently into me. Her facial expressions and murmurs suggest she’s enjoying herself as much as I am. My plan for a cim finish after fucking quickly disappear. This is just too tight and sweet.
    We rotate through a variety of face to face to positions, deep and shallow, chest to chest and wide apart before settling into a grinding rhythm set by Fiona. No hurry as our time together ticks away. Some playful slaps to my chest and some heavy breathing suggest she’s quite close so I pull her butt into me and push deeper to finish myself off intense and satisfying. Fiona collapses onto my chest and we hug for a while.

    We’re pretty close to time and I head for the shower. I’ve enjoyed myself with Fiona. She’s been friendly and attentive and a really sweet fuck.
    Thumbs up to Helen on my way out the door and the great milf team at 78a has delivered once again.


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